A list of my all-time favourite experiences (that I've documented) ☺️

I'll keep adding to this list as I go on new adventures.

Backpacking in Guatemala and Belize

This trip had everything! Hiking a volcano and roasting marshmallows on its heat - watching another volcano erupt from the rooftop of my hostel - Mayan villages along a mystical volcanic lake - staying in a lodge deep in the jungle - swimming in natural pools - exploring caves by candlelight - ancient Mayan ruins - paradise islands - snorkeling with sting rays - Caribbean beach bars....

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New Year in Rio + 2 weeks in Rio

Welcoming the new year in Copacabana, among thousands of people, while dancing on the beach, was one of the most amazing moments of my life!

Iguazu Falls

An otherworldly place, no words for this experience!

Kyoto - Mountains, Temples and an Onsen

One of my favourite memories from Japan. Visiting a serene mountain temple on a rainy day, then soaking in an onsen with a forest view, and eating a traditional meal.


Another trip where I got to do everything I like! Incredible beaches, hiking, climbing, scooter driving, jungles, rivers... and pad thai and mango sticky rice :)

Lombok Roadtrip

What an adventure! We flew form Bali to Lombok, rented scooters and explored the island. Including a scooter accident, and our friends getting injured in the middle of nowhere! It all ended well though, as we made it back to safety, then hired a boat and explored beautiful tiny islands.

Amed Roadtrip

Driving through Bali, visiting secret beaches and small villages! What can be better?


A place that felt just like Jurassic park!