While looking for plane tickets from Europe to Bali last time, I found a super cheap flight with Scoot - under $300! The flight was from Athens and I had not been to Greece in many years, so I decided to combine that with a little vacation and spend a couple days in the Greek capitol.

I ended up buying 3 flights: Barcelona-Sofia, Sofia-Athens and Athens-Bali. All of those combined were cheaper than a Qatar ticket from Barcelona to Bali :)

First I flew to Bulgaria - my home country - to spend a couple of days with my parents and enjoy late summer in the mountains.

Then I flew from Sofia to Athens with my mom. Greece is next to Bulgaria so those flights are very short and frequent.

We spent our first day visiting the Acropolis and walking around the old neighborhood. I'm not a huge fan of historical landmarks, but it was interesting to see something so old and legendary.

My favourite part, as you can probably guess, was the beach.

fewThe beaches near Athens are not great, but if we traveled south (about 1 hour with public transport) and found some really nice hidden calas with crystal blue water.

And of course we had tons of delicious Greek food.

Overall a nice spontaneous holiday and perfect goobye to Europe before heading to Asia for several months :)